Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I can't believe im doing this...

Welp, here I am...on a Tuesday night...doing the one thing I said I would never do...

Starting a blog...

The 2 main reasons why I'm starting this blog:

This girl:
                                                   Sherece Bledsoe

And this girl:

                   Becca Fitzgerald

Wanna know why?? Because I have been reading their blogs for the past forever, and I love them! So...I'm going to attempt to write blog posts as well as they do. Ready...go!

Okay, so to start off this thingy...I'm going to introduce myself somewhat and try to sum up the past year of my life. Ooh boy...

This is me:

I am 19 years old. I have red hair. And I like to smile. A lot. Because smiling makes days more magical, or whatever. :P

(more to come later, promise)

This past year I attended Utah State University: a.k.a. the BEST place in the world. More magical than Disneyland, and Neverland, and whatever other place you think is great. USU beats them all, hands down.

Wanna know why? I met so many people that changed my life, and I found out more about myself than ever before. I found myself at Utah State, making friendships that will last forever. im going to switch gears and talk about these people a bit, since these people have been on my mind non-stop since I have been home for summer vacay:
(in roughly the order I met them over the course of the year)

First off is Tiffany Prince: my sister and former roommate

This is her :) and her other half. Yep! She is married. To the best man for her possible. But before she went off and moved on in her life, we lived together in a 15' by 8' room. We didn't know each other well before we got to USU. Come to find out we were both kind of nervous about being roommates: at first. That quickly faded away. We clicked better than I ever would have hoped for. We had music classes together (lots of frustrating music theory classes in which we taught the class, rather than the teacher) and we stayed up late, talking for hours. She was more open than I was, which I regret now. We got into this habit of  calling each other during the day and checking up on each other to make sure we were both having good days. We had many lunches together, and many funny moments that will never leave my memories (mumu boy, friendship line graphs, snowflakes, leaves, and showing each other new music). Tiffany helped me through so many frustrating times. She was always on my side, supporting me and loving me for who I am/ Tiffany became family to me in less than 5 months. I love her and miss her dearly. I am so glad we roomed together. Thank you Tiffany, for showing me what truly matters in life, and for being the example I needed this year (: 

this is going to be a looonnnggg post...if you are reading it you can just go to your part in the post to save you time if you'd like [:

Next would have to be Hannah Bateman:

This girl has been my best friend since my junior year of high school, and I am SO grateful for her and our friendship. She came to USU this past year with me, and it was SO AWESOME! She needed a better English program for her major, so she came to college with me. Hannah has been with me through SO much, it's insane. She is in France atm (ikr?? crazy!) so I miss her, naturally. She and I are basically the same person on a ton of levels, which makes it easy for me to open up to her. She knows everything about me, and I'm pretty sure I know everything about her. We take too many webcam photos together, it's true. And we watch NCIS and Law and Order SVU a lot, but never too much, because we have decided that you can NEVER have too much SVU or NCIS. Long story short, I love her. We will be friends forever. Our kids will be friends, ya, you get the point :P

Kenneth James Fryar-Ludwig

I'm pretty sure I love this boy. Wanna know why? Because he has been my one constant friend through all of my USU days. He knows more about me than any other boy I have met in a long time. He cares. About life, achievement, and me. I am so blessed to have met this kid. He brought me flowers when I was sad, gave me hugs when he knew I needed them, and would go out of his way just to come talk with me until I fell asleep. I miss him, more than he knows. He blogged about me once: I love that post to this day, because it reminds me that I am loved. Kenny fixes everyone's computers, and isn't afraid to dance at a concert or dance party. He showed me that confidence is everything. Kenny changed my life. He is leaving on an LDS mission in a few months, and I am so proud of him. He has a strong testimony. Kenny, if you ever read this, just know that I know you will go places in life. And i love you. Always will. Thank you for taking the time to get to know the real me. Thank you for caring (:

Andrew Simpson

This is probably one of the most attractive boys I have ever met: inside and out. Andrew, I am so glad we met. Because of you, I was able to share my musical interests with someone who actually knew what I was talking about. I will never forget playing cards with you (and WINNING, might I add). You were there for me whenever I needed you. We played Go once.....ha never again :) and lots of halo and gears! Midnight pizza with you and your roommates are some of my favorite memories because you boys made me feel special. Your writing is absolutely amazing, and I'm glad you value my feedback as much as you do. I love the fact that we still talk often even after college is over :) Our drive home from the concert is a night that will stay with me forever. Your love for the gospel has single-handedly boosted my own spirituality. Uruguay has got one of the best missionaries heading its way. Knock em dead kid :) You showed me that being true to yourself is very important. I truly consider you one of my best friends. You are amazing, don't ever forget that. Love you kid :)

Sherece Bledsoe

This girl is quite amazing. :) Sherece, you are beautiful, talented, and understanding. Talking to you and getting to know you over the past semester has been one of my highlights of college. We are so much alike, more than I initially expected. Dancing with you for the talent show was LEGIT (why we didn't win STILL astounds me). Stalking Becca and Brant in Walmart is one of my favorite memories with you :) You inspire me to be a better person. You care so much about everyone. You have so much love! It's insane. We have been through a lot of the same experiences in life, and because of that I feel like we understand each other completely. I miss seeing you everyday and dancing to music with you! AY BAY-BAY! I can't wait to see you when we get back up to college in the fall! I am so happy for you because you are pursuing your musical talents. Dream big Sherece. You will go far, I know it :)

Becca Fitzgerald

                          Yeah, we're thug in this pic. Jelly??

Becca, you are one amazing girl. I hope you realize that. You have influenced so many people in your life. I have seen your effects on people that mean a lot to the both of us, and it is wonderful. I am so glad we met this year. We got to know each other really well, especially over the last couple months! Building forts and going to Betos with you are definitely in my top favorite memories. And the stake dance. And just staying up late talking with our friends. You inspire me to be a better person. You have such a powerful testimony, and just being around you made me feel better. I am so glad you got to come to Vegas! That was awesome :) I am glad you like me for all  my quirky things I like to do. I can NOT wait for theme thursdays this fall! I  miss you so much! Thank you for being an awesome example and friend to me. Love you girl!

Brant Stanley

Oh Brant, I miss you. I am so glad I got to know you as well as I did over the last semester. The weekend of General Conference was literally the start of our friendship. I miss our long talks that usually lasted into the mornings. You made me feel important. Our last night in Logan was seriously one of my highlights of the entire year: longboarding, youtube videos, laughing, enjoying our last night as friends together. I am so glad you broke your ankle the night we hung out. I will always play spoons and think of you haha. I am so sad we won't be able to see each other for a while, but I'm very grateful for the friendship we made over the last couple months. I will never forget you Brant Stanley. I miss you!

Dylan Makemson

Oh Dylan, my best friend. You are one great guy. I am sooo glad you came swimming with us on our first night of the start of our many adventures together. You brightened up my life for the past few months that I have known you.Through all the nights of risk, forts, and endless mario kart and super smash, we became so close. I miss being able to call you and have you in my room in less than 5 minutes. Even though I hate talking about my feelings, I'm glad we had so many of those amazing talks that we had. Because of you, I feel pretty every day. I am so grateful for you and for our friendship. I will never forget you Dylan, and how special you make me feel. Best friends forever :)

I have been so blessed to have met such amazing people this year. You all will always hold a place in my heart. Thank you for being such awesome friends to me :)