Monday, June 20, 2011

biding my time...

Summer is going to be really long this year...

I miss my friends...they are all leaving on missions and are out living their lives, which is excellent :]
I just can't wait til college so I can start living mine again...

Meeting new people is fun though! I have met some awesome people in my college ward here and whatnot.
And i have been keeping myself...entertained, to say the least.
My life is consumed of:

It's pretty alright :]

Day Seis: Picture of Something That Makes You Happy

Well, i have already shared too many pictures of the friends that make me happy...SO

Things that make me happy:

1. Toms

I am in LOVE with these shoes. 
They are sooo comfy.
And stylish.
AND it's a form of charity
You should buy some of you don't.
Basically, they're the best thing since sliced bread.

2. Smoothies: Specifically Orange Peel.

These things are sooo tasty.
And they make any day of mine much sweeter.
I can NEVER turn down a smoothie run.
It's a tad ridiculous.

And finally, the last of my obsessions that I want to talk about today. You ready for this??

I don't think you are...

But here it goes!


...I think the pictures speak for themselves. 
It all ends this summer...
I am sad..
I plan on crying in this: It will be the first time I cry in a movie.
We shall see.
Oh, and I WILL marry Rupert Grint. :]

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