Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i haven't blogged in a while

mostly because things have settled into kind of a consistent pattern

im not complaining :) sometimes times of less excitement are wonderful.

i am managing my time better this semester.

i study and do hw for classes every day. never thought i would do that, but it's healthy for me.

and every other college student, though it doesn't usually happen.

hannah and I are now crossfit buddies.

i love it.

i feel better about myself every day because i have a steady workout plan that actually works.

im happier with myself.

i feel like i know where im going now.

i have a better sense of what is really important.

i have inner peace :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


and there was much rejoicing as all of the college students on the campus of USU triumphantly finished their finals.

No class for an entire month? I think we can handle that :P

(stay tuned on FB for some future expressions of "hallelujahs" and "amens" from the minds of Hannah and Ari. 'twill be a treat indeed.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I get to see my family for the first time in 4 1/2 months today.

It shall be a party, unlike any other.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


so i haven't blogged in 2 months now...

oh well haha. not like any of you people are gonna die without my posts, amiright?? :P

so this semester is almost over...weird.
i have survived thusfar.
i've met some pretty great people this year. which makes me happy :)

things that i have learned and discovered over the past couple months:

-i have sent and received some pretty amazing letters. i live off of them. it is now time for me to stop mooching off of Whitni for envelopes and stamps and start buying my own.

-i really want a puppy up here at college with me. then i would have someone to cuddle with while i watch harry potter :)

-i.hate.clowns.....especially the creepy kind that don't leave you alone in a haunted corn maze...

-my littlest sister is now 12. not a kid anymore. not sure how i feel about it.

-i play too much pokemon...lol

-i have problems with conflict and making people upset, hence why im not a very good leader in certain situations. i need to step up my game, but im afraid of creating more stress for everyone involved. we'll see how that goes.

-i am capable of proving to my superiors that i mean serious business. cause i do. and i kick butt at my major, fo sho :P

-i have an amazing best friend that has grown to love the Lord over the past 18 weeks more than i ever expected he would. he's going to be the most wonderful husband to the luckiest girl on earth one day. i know it. and i hope through our weekly emails that he knows how special he really is, and how much love he has from his family and friends that support him.

-laundry can be a pain sometimes, but i love it at the same time. it has grown to become my favorite chore :P

-i love my family. i haven't seen them for almost 4 months now. thanksgiving shall be a par-tay!

-my best cousin is now at the MTC. we grew up together. this will be the first time i won't be able to go hang out with him over the holidays. i miss him already.

-institute is a blessing. i can't believe i didn't have enough time for it last year. that will never happen again.

-im growing and changing every day. i want to grow to my full potential. i want to have an amazing life full of adventure. i will have this. no matter what.

yup....i think this sums up the past 2 months pretty well :)
to those of you reading, i love you.
you are someone important to me.
be the positive influence in someone's life.
smile more.
stay wonderful. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phone Calls

are seriously sometimes the best thing for me.
i had two of the best phone conversations this weekend. neither of them lasting more than 15 minutes.
i have my best friend that got set apart this sunday. he called me to say goodbye because he lives in Cali now and frankly if he lived closer or if i had the funds to drive to Cali to see him, i would have. hands down. he was possibly the biggest change in a person that i have been a part of. he inspires me. and i know he will be an awesome missionary to the people of Uruguay. im so glad he called me to tell me he loves me and that he is glad that we will be friends for ever.
and then last night, my childhood lover, my best friend for life, called me while he was in the airport about to board his plane to the Philippines. we only talked for 10 minutes, but just receiving his phone call and hearing his voice and how happy he is really showed me how much he has grown over the past 2 months. i used to think that i would go nuts not being able to talk to him every day like im used to. turns out that an email a week seems to suffice my hunger for his friendship.

now, onto my thought of the day: Love.

I really love everyone i know. True i know some personally more than others, but everyone i talk to, text, message, what have you, i love them. ALL of them.
i truly believe that one of the things this world is short on is love.
in church this weekend we had an overabundance of topics on loving one another and not being judgmental.
to me, this is second nature. i trust and love everyone that i know unless circumstances occur that may persuade me to do otherwise.
some of my friends think that because of this, i am naive. i disagree.
i believe that everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved in return.
we should at least allow every person we meet that much.
so i challenge you to go out today and love someone you never expected to love.
to be kind to a stranger.
smile at those on your way to class.
go out and make someone's day.
be the change you wish to see.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Heh heh...I haven't been on in over 2 weeks...

shame shame shame........

So I'll just try and recap some major highlights for those of you that care :)

Im back in Logan, living the college life. Tis grand.
(considering I have half the workload I had last semester)

Marching Band has dominated most of my time while I've been up here, and I love it.
We have some amazing new people on the drumline that just make everything fun and enjoyable.
Especially the bass drums. They all have killer positive attitudes and we all work together to make us look and sound great. It's amazing :)

College parties are crazy. Especially college dances where I get stuck in the middle of people that don't have any rave-etiquette whatsoever. I was with amazing people, so we still loved it! And..there may or may not have been several punches given out to the most annoying people in the crowd around us... :P

My friend Dylan left on his mission this past Wednesday. I got to see him one last time before he left about 10 days prior. And we had a nice parting conversation on the phone before he got set apart. I loved it :)

My best friend Kenny left on his mission the week BEFORE Dylan. I went to his farewell out in the middle of nowhere. It was lovely :) He looked great, and gave an amazing talk that really helped me get through the week. We hugged goodbye about 8 times. I miss him dearly.

My other best friend, Andrew Simpson, gets set apart tomorrow and leaves on Wednesday. And then he is out of the country by Friday I believe. SO nuts. I am going to miss talking to him a lot more than he knows. Good thing we are going to look each other up when he gets back off his mission :P

I auditioned yesterday for a couple ensembles here on campus. I thought it went well. The results weren't what I was expecting, but Im grateful for the experience of working hard on something I love to do.

Im waiting to here back about my guitar lessons, something I am truly excited about starting. I can't wait to learn new things and become a better musician :)

And finally, on Monday, my childhood lover Kason is calling me before he leaves the country for the Philippines. I can NOT wait. I miss him more than I can handle. And just feeling important enough for him to call me makes everything that much sweeter :)

I am soo grateful for my roommates, and how we all love each other and support each other. I am so grateful for my missionary friends and their awesome experiences that they are having as they endeavor on taking on the gospel and spreading the Word to the World. I love my family and for their love and support and guidance that they give me each day. I love my life! :)
(now....the only thing missing is a cute boy to hold my hand... :P)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fresh Start

I have learned a LOT about myself over the summer. More than I thought I ever would.
I realized that I have a hard time letting go of the people I care about, even when sometimes it is the best thing to do.
I learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
And I learned that even the simplest things are the most memorable to me
Like getting 4 dollars worth of free food completely by accident after Midnight with Hannah
Or learning how to JetSki on the lake
Or coloring with awesome company.

I am ready to meet new people, keep up better habits, and accomplish more goals that I set for myself.

Today I am packing....a lot.

Tomorrow, I make my pilgrimage to Logan.

College, here I come! :)