Monday, August 1, 2011

My INSANE Bucketlist (thusfar...)

In No Particular Order:
-Run a Marathon/Triathalon
-Win a Stuffed Animal at an Amusement Park
-Get an Awesome Camera & Take Pictures of Wildlife (and get in published in an issue of the National Geographic)
-Meet a Celebrity(a member of the cast of Harry Potter, someone from one of my favorite bands, etc.)
-Conduct My Own Piece of Music
-Scuba Dive
-Base Jump
-Learn how to Free Climb
-Learn how to Surf
-Write a Book and Get it Published
-Ride an Elephant  in Africa
-Sail a Sailboat in a Race
-Be in a Million-Viewer Hit on Youtube
-Learn How to Hip-Hop Dance Well
-Help People
-Be Healthy

i WILL do all these things before I die :)

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