Wednesday, July 27, 2011


sometimes, people surprise me.

..and not always in the way that i would like...

but, i learned that sometimes, there is nothing you can do.
after a long haul, sometimes, you have to leave it up to the other person to make a difference...

which scares me.

i want things to be at a point where i can breathe normally again.
where the situation is stress free.
where i can feel comfortable with expressing how i feel again.

will it ever get there?

...we'll see.

A fault of mine: i worry. sometimes more than is healthy.

Another fault: i hold on to memories i have with people. just the good ones, which makes it hard to let change happen.

Last fault for this blog post: i don't like it when no matter what i do, i can't find peace of mind in anything.

Welp! im done with the depressing blog post. What about you?? haha

Moral of the story: stop worrying about what other people do or say, or think really. love yourself, and the whole world will start to fall in love with you. people change, that is what life is about. and if you see someone miss out on something great, just learn from it, and make sure you don't miss out on something as great as what they missed.

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