Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 more days...HOLY MOLY!

...i have 5 more days of summer...


I have so much to do!
Im SO ready for a complete new start.
For meeting new people.
For getting something accomplished for once!

But i am sad because it won't be the same.
Nothing stays the same. I should've learned this lesson earlier in life.
But this is my one vice in life: I wish things could just magically work out how I feel they should.

I just hope this year is as fun and memorable as last year.
I met so many amazing people that changed my life and made me extremely happy.
This goes without saying, but the people I meet this year have to meet some high expectations. :P

This is it. Im ready.
USU 2011 Fall Semester: Bring. It. ON.

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