Friday, July 1, 2011

Those Summer...NIIIIIGGGHHTTTSSSS (sung in the annoying way at stake dances)

Title: Reference to the musical Grease.
When thought about, High School Musical is in fact a regurgitated version of this fabulous musical. (Try watching Zac Efron in that light. It will never be the same.)

I am referencing Grease because I had one of the BEST date nights I have had in a long time. Here is my attempt at explaining this date in writing. Here we go!

So, to preface the date: I went with Garrett Roos. We have only met in person 3 times before our date. I had only spoken with him very seldom, but I knew he was a great kid because I went on a few dates with his best friend, Coy Cox, before he left on his mission in February. So, after getting each other's numbers about 2 weeks ago, he asked me to go on a date with him. And I accepted.

Garrett showed up around 6:30, and I was not nervous at all. He came up to the door and the first thing he said to me was: "Wow! You look great! I love our outfit and your unique sense of style. You always look great every time I see you."
First off: what a great first thing to say on a date. I knew from then that it could only get better; and it did :]

We first went on a little drive while we decided where to eat. We talked about our favorite foods, and how he loves to experiment with cooking and whatnot. He asked if I had ever had Thai food. I did. Once. Made at someone's home for a date a while back. I remembered loving it, so I agreed to go to a place called Benja's. Turns out it is a fairly expensive Thai food restaurant that usually serves important business men that are focused on setting business deals while eating their Thai. We were the only young people in the entire restaurant. It made me feel important and special :) I couldn't believe how fancy and delicious the food was! Needless to say I have a new favorite type of food :)

So, after eating and talking for a couple hours, we drove out to Tuachan, the outdoor theater her in St. George, to see the musical Grease. (hence the title reference previously stated) We showed up a little early so we could get our seats. We ended up with great tickets because his mom is a sign language interpreter. That night they had a complete section for a huge group of deaf people, and we were in the middle of it! The interpreters that were doing the sign language for the play were amazing AND hilarious. I could definitely see how deaf people could still appreciate such a wonderful musical. During the course of the show, we laughed, talked a little, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was quite lovely :) After the show got over at 11 or so, I got to meet his brother and mother that were also at the play that night. His little brother has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which means at age 12 he lost the ability to walk and his now wheelchair-bound. He was very shy, and very adorable :) I was glad I was able to meet some of his family.

After the fantastic musical, he suggested we should go get dessert, but I wasn't feelin it, so we went for a walk instead. It was quite lovely :) we spent a few more hours talking and just being with each other and enjoying one another. I absolutely loved it. We ended up on a bridge where we sat and looked at the stars and listened to the frogs and the sound of the river beneath us. It was one of the most perfect dates. I felt comfortable and special: something I haven't felt in a while.

Oh what a wonderful Summer Night :)

p.s. we mayormaynothavekissedonthebridgeattheendofthedate :]

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