Thursday, November 3, 2011


so i haven't blogged in 2 months now...

oh well haha. not like any of you people are gonna die without my posts, amiright?? :P

so this semester is almost over...weird.
i have survived thusfar.
i've met some pretty great people this year. which makes me happy :)

things that i have learned and discovered over the past couple months:

-i have sent and received some pretty amazing letters. i live off of them. it is now time for me to stop mooching off of Whitni for envelopes and stamps and start buying my own.

-i really want a puppy up here at college with me. then i would have someone to cuddle with while i watch harry potter :)

-i.hate.clowns.....especially the creepy kind that don't leave you alone in a haunted corn maze...

-my littlest sister is now 12. not a kid anymore. not sure how i feel about it.

-i play too much

-i have problems with conflict and making people upset, hence why im not a very good leader in certain situations. i need to step up my game, but im afraid of creating more stress for everyone involved. we'll see how that goes.

-i am capable of proving to my superiors that i mean serious business. cause i do. and i kick butt at my major, fo sho :P

-i have an amazing best friend that has grown to love the Lord over the past 18 weeks more than i ever expected he would. he's going to be the most wonderful husband to the luckiest girl on earth one day. i know it. and i hope through our weekly emails that he knows how special he really is, and how much love he has from his family and friends that support him.

-laundry can be a pain sometimes, but i love it at the same time. it has grown to become my favorite chore :P

-i love my family. i haven't seen them for almost 4 months now. thanksgiving shall be a par-tay!

-my best cousin is now at the MTC. we grew up together. this will be the first time i won't be able to go hang out with him over the holidays. i miss him already.

-institute is a blessing. i can't believe i didn't have enough time for it last year. that will never happen again.

-im growing and changing every day. i want to grow to my full potential. i want to have an amazing life full of adventure. i will have this. no matter what.

yup....i think this sums up the past 2 months pretty well :)
to those of you reading, i love you.
you are someone important to me.
be the positive influence in someone's life.
smile more.
stay wonderful. :)

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