Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phone Calls

are seriously sometimes the best thing for me.
i had two of the best phone conversations this weekend. neither of them lasting more than 15 minutes.
i have my best friend that got set apart this sunday. he called me to say goodbye because he lives in Cali now and frankly if he lived closer or if i had the funds to drive to Cali to see him, i would have. hands down. he was possibly the biggest change in a person that i have been a part of. he inspires me. and i know he will be an awesome missionary to the people of Uruguay. im so glad he called me to tell me he loves me and that he is glad that we will be friends for ever.
and then last night, my childhood lover, my best friend for life, called me while he was in the airport about to board his plane to the Philippines. we only talked for 10 minutes, but just receiving his phone call and hearing his voice and how happy he is really showed me how much he has grown over the past 2 months. i used to think that i would go nuts not being able to talk to him every day like im used to. turns out that an email a week seems to suffice my hunger for his friendship.

now, onto my thought of the day: Love.

I really love everyone i know. True i know some personally more than others, but everyone i talk to, text, message, what have you, i love them. ALL of them.
i truly believe that one of the things this world is short on is love.
in church this weekend we had an overabundance of topics on loving one another and not being judgmental.
to me, this is second nature. i trust and love everyone that i know unless circumstances occur that may persuade me to do otherwise.
some of my friends think that because of this, i am naive. i disagree.
i believe that everyone deserves a chance to love and be loved in return.
we should at least allow every person we meet that much.
so i challenge you to go out today and love someone you never expected to love.
to be kind to a stranger.
smile at those on your way to class.
go out and make someone's day.
be the change you wish to see.

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